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Biometrics: An Essential Security Feature Of Financial Sector
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Everyone needs securities for his or her systems, but when it comes to the financial sector, we had to take the security level one-step ahead. Biometrics helps us make a tight security system which common password cannot do. Passwords just not define whom you are and can be easily cracked by latest software and technologies. Biometrics cannot be faked or altered easily due to the uniqueness of everyone’s biometric time attendance system, which makes tougher for the hackers to corrupt the security system.

The fingerprint is digitally processed on a fingerprint door access, which takes a live scan of our fingerprints and hence grants the access to the user. Fingerprints machine are also installed in the offices to maintain the attendance record of workers. The biometric attendance management system has fingerprints of an individual which remain the same or unchanged throughout the life of a person. These unique and irregular patterns of an individual can also be found in iris and the layer of retina inside the eyes, the sequence of DNA, the pattern of the face of an individual making them good enough to consider the uniqueness of a person. Banks and financial institutes are always on the hit list of the hackers and wrongdoers. Banking systems use paper identity issued by the government to perform the desired task, but now the identity of an individual can easily be revealed, and there is always a risk of fraud on the customer’s account, that’s why a thumb based attendance machine is introduced in the banking sector so that the privacy of a user can be at his/her own risk.

There is a need to install biometric systems at ATM’s as well because every time when you do a transaction at ATM you have to enter the desired ATM PIN, which makes a feeling of insecurity as the person standing next to you can see your PIN easily and will use it against you. Biometric attendance machine also supports multilayered door access control systems, which can be used for the authentication of customers or employees to reduce the potential of fraud even further. Some official apps of banks provide this facility in net banking systems for login into their account, grants access to banking details and allows doing transaction by using biometric control system in Delhi.

This very easy as well as reliable for the customer. This pattern is just not limited to the banking sector, but some reputed financial institution is also using these techniques to verify the identity of their clients and employees. Many problems such as secure mobile payments, authentication of employees, reduction in the cases of frauds and cybercrimes are made possible due to this new gen. technology. Essl Biometric attendance system in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon and all over India provides 24*7 supports

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