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AM Security System is leading surveillance product and service provider in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida since 2011. We started our company with core values of transparency, honesty and customer satisfaction. We believe in providing the best of quality of products for the safety and security purposes at a reasonable price. We make sure to get you the latest and updated version of security camera systems, signal boosters, metal detector and access control system to never let you compromise with your safety. To deliver innovative products and leading solutions that empower businesses and individuals to achieve energy efficiency. AM Security System only believing in quality, and that’s what we provide. We work hard to gain the trust our customers.

CCTV Camera

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We have complete solutions for video monitoring system to meet your need, being IP or analogue systems with video analysis software. Using this you will be able to identify aspects of the images such as changes of scenarios, objects left and taken, direction etc., and through them take a scheduled action. This means that you can achieve total security in your company, business doors, portals, parking, private property and other places. Just by typing in a browser an address or a simple App you can see in real time everything that happens on the other side of the CCTV camera. We use Software for Video Surveillance in our installations of security cameras by IP, a program with support for multiple IP and USB cameras. The most suitable solution for the many security problems. It can monitor and record up to 16 IP cameras simultaneously, create video recordings or preview multiple cameras in a single window.

When suspicious movement is detected, you can perform various actions such as sending an email, recording audio and video, and/or the sound of an audible alarm. The software maintains a detailed event log. Each camera has its own programmed on / off. The calendar can be the same every day, different for each day of the week, or include events at one time. The cameras can also start monitoring when the program begins.

Access Control System

Access control has become something increasingly crucial to maintaining the security of homes, building and many other estates nowadays. Investing in this area is one more step for residents and their material possessions not to be attacked by potential burglars. An Access Control System allows the identity and number of people entering and leaving the place where it is installed to be monitored and controlled. Many businesses and business buildings have used this device, though it can also be used in homes.

We offer different access control solutions to meet the needs of our customers. From permanent solutions suitable for small offices, schools or stores to networked systems or with computer control for installations with multiple accesses or complexes of offices, industrial facilities, warehouses, hospitals or universities.

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Hand Metal Detector

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AM Security System has become a benchmark company in metal detectors, gold detectors, security detectors and industrial detectors for professionals. We have metal detectors of all types, levels and the best brands. Metal detectors for beginners and professionals alike, gold detectors, field metal detectors, beach metal detectors, submersible metal detectors, and metal detectors for great depth and for the search of any type of metal, relics and coins. Besides, we have a wide variety of accessories for metal detectors such as backpacks, shovels, spare parts, headphones, protectors and plates so you can complete your metal detector.

Likewise, we also have industrial metal detectors such as cable and pipe locators, gas leak detectors and water leak detectors. From AM Security System we offer free advice to our customers to help them decide which metal detector best suits their needs. We have our own technical service that guarantees the customer an excellent after-sales service. Official Distributors of the metal detectors price in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida For all this and much more, AM Security System is the best option to buy the metal detector that you need, with the best service and at the BEST PRICE.

Mobile Signal Booster

Mobile Signal Booster is a device that increases a weak mobile network in your home or office. It is a tool that enhances both your voice and your data. Therefore, there will be a clear voice in your house and can upload and download data quickly. We provide three types of Mobile Signal Booster to establish a mobile signal amplifier in your home or office, which is described below: External antenna: Usually, the outer antenna is installed on the roof of a building, where the mobile signal is powerful between 50 DBM and -60 DBM. Mobile signal reporter: The work of the reporter is to get the signal from the outer antenna and to throw it inside the house. Indoor antenna: Indoor antenna is placed inside your home or room where you need a mobile network. It contains everything around 1000 square feet.

Triband 4G,3G,2G Network Booster

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